Psihology in our life

Most of the diseases in today’s society originate from an improper lifestyle – lack of physical activity, improper diet due to a large number of obligations, such as „I’ll have a bite from the bakery“, which by the way is full of additives, so we feel exhausted and unfocused due to a variety of ailments caused by improper nutrition. And last but not least, take care of your mental and spiritual health. In order for a person to take care of his health, which, of course, should be his first priority, as it should be, the psychological and mental health of a person is very important.

The people, who still consider mental and psychological illness to be a shame, have become psychiatrists themselves. Most of them take medicines without the supervision of a doctor, which is very dangerous for health, they drink some natural salves composed of who knows what plants, or they hide their illness until the moment comes to break mentally. That’s why people, stay away from various tinctures, grandmothers who scare you and other stupid things that only take your time and hope that you will get better, but turn to experts who will establish your diagnosis in a very short time and get you the right medicines that you really need. You will only get better if you see a psychiatrist or psychologist. How do you think those inmates survived the horrors of the camp? The mental state of a person determines his destiny.

My favorite author, as far as mental, psychological and spiritual health is concerned, is Dr. Valery Sinjeljnjikov, a Russian doctor, psychiatrist and author of a dozen books related to the spiritual and mental health of a person, why a person gets sick and how to heal.

„Where thoughts go – there goes energy. Where energy goes – there goes blood. And blood is the material embodiment of the soul…“  Think about it…

In his books, he explains how we can, by ourselves, get sick with our own psyche, but also get well. The mountain of quotes from his books that I have collected over the years lead to deep thinking and motivate you not only to read and write them down, but also to slowly begin to apply them. It is written in easy language, which everyone can understand and apply in their life. Reading his books, I felt not only a spiritual movement, but also a desire to apply the advice from his book, because they are mostly written in examples from his practice and how we can use them on ourselves. I was especially delighted by his book „Love your disease“, in which he explains why the disease occurred and how to cure it by applying its methods.

Every man creates his own illness.

We live in a harmonious, just and pure world where everyone is given according to his thoughts. – According to your faith be it to you – these are words from the Bible. Which would mean: what you believe, you get.

I deeply believe that it is possible to change a person’s destiny in that, and only in that case, if a person becomes the master of his own destiny. And for that, he must first of all take responsibility for his thoughts.

It is important to learn not only to give, but also to receive gifts. The world around us is focused on us, on our thoughts and desires. He tries to help us every moment. But we don’t notice that help, or we reject it.

Our world is a reflection of our own thoughts; everything we have in our life, we create ourselves.